Hey…it’s me, fallonzoey

Hello world…it’s me. Recently I decided that it would be cool to share my thoughts, opinions, and everyday experiences with the world, especially in the beauty department. I’ve always loved doing my hair and ive been a bottle blonde since I first got highlights at age 11 at a salon called “Fantastic Sams”. Wow, I have not thought about or talked about that salon franchise in SO long! I loved the smell of their brand shampoo. I don’t even think they exist anymore, but I remember a lady named Theo did my first highlights and my first perm. The perm thing didn’t stick, but the highlighting did and before long I was dying/bleaching my whole head by myself at home with Lorreal Fierra Extra Bleach Blonde in a box. It use to have a girl on an irredesant box with her head turned to the side, sporting a short pixie type hair cut that was combed to the side in the front, sort of like Justin Beiber’s old haircut except, this was WAY before his time and a female having that haircut was seen as “edgy”. Unlike the uncertainty of good ol’ Fantastic Sams, I know that hair dye DOES still exist, but I have since graduated to being a salon-service only type of girl. I have been going to the same salon for 11 years now and had the same hair dresser for 8 or 9 years now. Time really flies and saying those numbers out loud makes me feel old….

Back to what I was saying before my trip down memory lane, I love all things beauty. I’m am a total makeup palette hoarder! A new product junkie. If people are talking about it, I want in on the hype, except when it comes to lippies. I’m not really into doing stuff with my lips bc I don’t like mine. I’m considering getting injections, but that’s another story…

Anyways, I’m new to blogging and I still need to get the hang of this host site for my blog. I just know that I want to share myself with the world and this is my start…hey, it’s me..Fallon Zoey.